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Technical Consulting Services – Turf Production

IQDHO provides a broad range of technical consulting services specialized in turf production through its agroenvironmental advisory club to enhance your knowledge and expertise, particularly with respect to sod production and the introduction of new products:

  • Agroenvironmental fertilization plans (AFPs), phosphorus reports, and agroenvironmental support plans (ASPs)
  • Crop monitoring (scouting, soil analyses, etc.)
  • Weed control (chemical, mechanical, etc.)
  • Diagnosis and recommendations (weeds, etc.)
  • Pest management (IPM, chemical, biological, etc.)
  • Fertilization (programs, soil, water, and leaf analyses)
  • Liming program
  • Crop rotation and green manuring program
  • Monitoring of organic matter
  • Production scheduling and management
  • New plants, inputs, and technologies
  • Customized onsite training
  • Development projects
  • Technology adaptation and transfer
  • Report writing
  • Solutions to production problems
  • Development of a comprehensive sustainable development approach for your business

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