IQDHO is 250 members, 500 clients, 2,000 books, 65 subscriptions to specialized journals, almost 40,000 articles references, and industry statistics, as well as more than 20 activities each year, over a hundred research and development projects, 20 specialists, and much more!

Technical consulting services

IQDHO provides a broad range of technical consulting that increase your knowledge and expertise particularly in the production of ornamental plants produced in:


Services provided:

  • Crop monitoring;
  • Introduction of new techniques;
  • Information on pest management, (IPM, chemical, biological, etc.);
  • Plant growth management;
  • Analyses interpretation and fertilization programs;
  • Weed science expertise and effective means of control;
  • Advise on scheduling and overwintering;
  • Recommendations for the optimal use of equipments;
  • Advice on energy efficiency and climate management;
  • Development of a comprehensive sustainable development approach for your business.


Training and information

  • Customized and onsite training
  • New horticultural products and new trends
  • Information searches

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