IQDHO is 250 members, 500 clients, 2,000 books, 65 subscriptions to specialized journals, almost 40,000 articles references, and industry statistics, as well as more than 20 activities each year, over a hundred research and development projects, 20 specialists, and much more!

Research and Development (R&D) Consulting Services for Businesses

IQDHO provides specialized R&D consulting services to businesses who wish to spur innovation and develop their horticultural activities. This cutting-edge service helps you:

  • Fine tune your crop management plan
  • Raise your production quality
  • Introduce new crops
  • Develop new production methods
  • Boost your profitability and technological competitiveness

Expert Assistance in All Aspects of Your Development

With its experience, expertise, and innovative approach, IQDHO can support you through every stage of your project:

  • Seeking financing
  • Identifying production and R&D needs
  • Developing, managing, and following up on projects adapted to your business’s needs
  • Performing data analysis and interpretation
  • Writing literature reviews, scientific and technical reports, and recommendations



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