IQDHO is 250 members, 500 clients, 2,000 books, 65 subscriptions to specialized journals, almost 40,000 articles references, and industry statistics, as well as more than 20 activities each year, over a hundred research and development projects, 20 specialists, and much more!

Management Consulting Services

IQDHO has developed a variety of management consulting services to help you with the economic and financial management of your business:

  • Business diagnosis and business plans
  • Financial analysis
  • Production cost analysis
  • Investment project analysis
  • Startup support
  • Business transfer support
  • Financial planning
  • Operational improvements
  • Customized services

Our management specialists use effective tools and work methods adapted to the needs of today’s growers to help you with strategic planning and understanding the financial aspects of your business.

Our management consulting services are designed to enhance your business’s financial performance and profitability. Some services are eligible for a subsidy, i.e., part of the cost may be reimbursed through the AgriConseils network. Our specialists can help you apply for this financial support.

Please contact your consultant for more information about our management consulting services. He or she will be happy to meet with you to determine which services would be the most beneficial for your business.


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