IQDHO is 250 members, 500 clients, 2,000 books, 65 subscriptions to specialized journals, almost 40,000 articles references, and industry statistics, as well as more than 20 activities each year, over a hundred research and development projects, 20 specialists, and much more!

Become a member

Being a member of IQDHO provides you a host of advantages:

  • A set amount of consulting time (valid for one year):
    • Eight hours of technical, management, garden center, and research and development (R&D) consulting services (with a grower or industry partner membership) and/or
    • 10 hours of agroenvironmental consulting services (with an agroenvironment membership)
  • Reduced rates for consulting services, training activities, and publications
  • Full subscription to the HORTIDATA database
  • Monthly email newsletter Les Nouvelles de l’IQDHO and new articles in HORTIDATA (selected favorite articles)
  • Exclusive invitations to certain IQDHO events
  • Your organization’s name in the IQDHO member list permanently posted on our website

Becoming an IQDHO member means:

  • Joining a center of expertise that is unique in Quebec and whose credibility is well established
  • Having access to a team of dedicated experts throughout the province
  • Benefitting from a broad range of specialized consulting services in skills development, knowledge management/dissemination, and R&D/innovation


You can also become a member of IQDHO by simply paying an annual subscription (see our rates).

Types of Memberships

Producer and garden center memberships are designed for greenhouse, nursery, turf farm, and garden center owners.

The agroenvironment membership is intended for producers subject to the Agricultural Operations Regulation as well as ornamental growers interested in current environmental issues.

The nonproducer/industry partner membership is ideal for individuals, businesses, or other stakeholders in the ornamental horticulture industry who are not producers or garden center owners.

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